Frequently Asked

Questions About Us

100% Yes. Working with conflict-free diamonds, gemstones and gold is our policy.

We’re committed to maintaining high ethical sourcing standards, and using recycled gold.

All of our pieces are made with solid 14K/18K gold, and a wide variety of diamonds or gemstones, we even offer lab-grown diamonds on some of our pieces. 

Here is the complete guide to lab-grown diamonds.

Sizing & Ordering

1. The most reliable option in finding your accurate ring size is to go to a local jeweler or jewelry store and have them measure your finger. 

2. Another option is to order a plastic ring sizer online; Ring sizers are reliable and offer an easy solution for anyone that can't go to a jeweler.

The rings featured on our website are in US sizes. You can use the Online International Ring Size Conversion Chart, or contact us and tell us the size you know, and
we will gladly assist you in converting to the US sizing system.

All of our pieces are custom made to order by hand. Handcrafted fine jewelry takes time to create, This is why orders are normally shipped within 2-3 weeks.     

Thank you for your patience!

If you have questions about your orders or accounts, you can reach them at or at 844-552-7621 which runs 24/7 or via the 24/7 chat on their website.