As an Israeli native with a softer, interpersonal, and ethical approach to jewelry creation, Tali Kompanyets has been designing stunning jewelry pieces for over a decade. She graduated from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in 2011, which is ranked 15th out of the top 50 Fashion Schools in the world.

She was drawn to art and fashion at a very young age and her degree in jewelry design has cultivated her natural talents. Inspired by sleek, warm, honest, and natural shapes, Tali’s jewelry blends organic forms found in nature with the powerful emotions she feels as a mother. Her brand’s name, RIMON jewelry, is named after her own daughter.

In naming her line after her daughter Rimon, Tali emphasizes the utmost care and precision she uses when creating jewelry. She always chooses conflict-free diamonds and ethically-sourced precious stones and insists on only selecting the finest precious metals for her designs.

As she forms each piece, she thinks of her family, and that love and attentive care go into each and every piece she creates. Whether she is flawlessly shaping a delicate curve on a gleaming, yellow gold necklace, or skillfully placing glittering pieces of white and black diamond melee into a ring, Tali takes her time and imbues life and joy into her work. It is very important for her to create jewelry that is personal, natural, soft to the touch, with a hint of finesse and playfulness.

As a young jeweler, she is attuned to current fashion trends and aims to strike a harmonious balance between originality and organic forms of beauty. Her iconic name necklaces and rings showcase these aesthetics with their playful lines, radiant warmth, and comfortable fit while wearing. Overall, Tali's fresh approach to designing and crafting jewelry will continue to evolve over time as she does as both an accomplished artist and a mother.