Our Story

Rimon Fine Jewelry is devoted to combining emotions with excellent craftsmanship. We want our jewelry to be an extension of who you are and to tell your story, through stunning adornments made with fine metals and precious gemstones.

Every Piece Starts With A Dream

Rimon is a woman owned brand, that
was founded in 2011 by our CEO and Head Dreamer, Tali Kompanyets. Tali’s love
for her own family serves as both the driving force and a source of inspiration
for her creations. Tali transforms different forms of love into ethereal,
powerful and exquisitely crafted jewelry collections.

Each piece offers a visual journey
for the wearer; it serves as a reminder of the beauty in the world, and how
precious materials, buried deep within the Earth, can then be woven into
beautiful pieces of art that will stand the test of time.

Rimon combines classic, romantic
styles of jewelry with modern expertise, innovation, craftsmanship and a fresh

Designing Fine Jewelry Since 2011

Tali Kompanyets

Tali is a creative and a mom, whose own story is entwined with her jewelry brand - Rimon is named after her daughter, after all. 

Tali draws inspiration from organic shapes in nature as well as the power, beauty and strength that emerges with motherhood. She seeks to capture stories through her unique and intricate pieces that can become treasured heirlooms.

Having had an interest in fashion and art from a young age, she graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in 2011, and won 1st place in the Israeli Jewelry Design Competition in


Rimon focuses on a local supply
chain, where only conflict-free diamonds, ethically sourced precious stones and
the finest quality metals are used. We see it as our duty to uphold these standards.

How We Work

All of our fine jewelry is
handcrafted at the Diamond Exchange District of Israel in TLV.

Our Mission

We serve to create fine jewelry
pieces that hold power, beauty and memories within them.

We believe that jewelry holds
energy and stories, and that giving and receiving them should always be an exchange of both happiness and love fused into memories.